I asked you to tell me about common tech terms that left you puzzled. Today’s question involved WiFi. “I’m sorry to say but, I am no computer geek.  I asked my daughter how is she able to use her smartphone on my printer and get my printer to make copies for her and her only explanation is wifi. My computer is hooked up with an Ethernet cable, “how do I make” my computer wifi enabled? And NOT have to be hooked together with a cable?


Your daughter is using WiFi to communicate with your wireless printer. She has an app (program) on her phone that talks to your printer using a signal generated by a router in your home. To talk to your wireless printer, you’ll need to log your computer onto the wireless network and then set up your printer to print wirelessly with your PC.

I’m assuming you have a home network since your daughter has accessed it. The majority of newer PCs come with a wireless card already installed. All you need to do is go to Network and Sharing Center and find your network. You’ll need the password to log on.  If you don’t have a built-in wireless adapter, you can buy a USB model and plug it in.

Since your daughter is already familiar with the process, ask her to help you get set up.

~ Cynthia