A reader wrote with an annoying problem in MS Paint:

“Suddenly I’ve got this big grid over all my images in Paint on Windows 7.  I’ve tried re-opening the image and re-starting paint, but they won’t go away. I don’t want a big grid over my photos.  There is also what looks like a ruler on the top and side, but it isn’t in inches.  It goes up to 1200 at the top and 500 on the side. Can you help?”

First, don’t worry. That grid won’t show up on saved or printed images. It’s strictly there as a guide.  Your screen probably looks a lot like this.


Click the View tab at the top of the page.


You’ll notice that Gridlines and Rulers are checked. A grid can be a very useful tool for cropping or creating an image, especially if you need straight lines. The rulers are measuring the size of the image in pixels.


Just uncheck Gridlines and it will look like this.


Uncheck Rulers, and you get this view:


Should need them again, just go back to View and recheck.