Yesterday, I was helping out a reader who was suddenly afflicted with unwanted grid lines in MS paint. I think we’ve all had that happen, where something just changes or pops up and you swear up and down that you changed absolutely nothing.

Frequently, the culprit can be a keyboard shortcut. Hit a Ctrl +G instead of Ctrl+C and in Paint and you’ve got a grid instead of a copied image.  Do something similar in Word and you’ve accidentally reformatted your document.  Nearly all programs have a list of keyboard shortcuts that can cause major changes. It’s frustrating.


Another culprit, especially online, is the mis-click. It’s not so hard to change your Facebook to Chinese or another language by clicking in the wrong place. If you’re working on a PC and immediately notice that something has changed, you might try good old Ctrl+Z to undo it. Just make sure you hit the Z and not another key.

So be careful with your fingers.  You never know when they’ll turn on you.