I’m putting the spotlight on what’s become one of the most common and versatile storage options out there – the MicroSD memory card in the 256 GB size.  Recently, many devices have begun to support up to a 256 GB card.  This, pardon the pun, is HUGE!  Of course, because that’s a whole lot of storage. Probably many times larger than the hard drive on your first PC.

Everything from smartphones (but sadly not iPhones), to tablets (not iPads), to laptops, to music players, to cameras use a microSD card. You’ll even find that other devices like Bluetooth speakers, smart home assistants, pen cameras, car DVRs, security systems, and toys also accept a MicroSD card.

On some Android phones and tablets, you can also move apps to the card and use them from there.

These cards are tiny. So they are easy to use and can be fragile.  They measure only 15mm x 11mm x 1 mm (.591″ by .433″ by .03″)  It’s just about the size of a fingernail.


You can purchase a USB card reader to use one with a PC that doesn’t have a card slot and you can also buy adapters that allow you to use them in devices that require a standard SD card.


These cards can be great for those of us with hybrid tablet/PCs like the Microsoft Surface that don’t necessarily come with a lot of room. It’s also great for avid phone photographers.

But I will warn you that if you want to get one of these large-capacity storage cards, make sure that your device can support it. Some devices, especially older ones, won’t support a memory card that large.

How much can you store on 256 GB?  If you’re taking photos with a 4 MP resolution, 183,104.  At a 12 MP resolution, 61, 032.  You could fit 64,000 songs on a card this size, and millions of documents.  But this much storage does not come cheap. You could pay $200 or more.

It’s always a good idea to shop locally, especially if you have a trusty tech expert who can share his or her experience with the reliability of various models of cards used in particular devices. You pay a little more, but you are supporting personal service.   For this article, I did a bit of looking around to find some deals. But I can’t promise that those deals will be there by the time you see this article.  The Internet is a fast-moving place.

I found a 256 GB SanDisk with adapter on sale for $129.99 (regular price $199) at Amazon.  Click here to see that item.



Samsung offers the same size without an adapter for $149.99. Click here to see that.

This site is an Amazon associate. If you click on one of my Amazon links and purchase the product (or any product from Amazon), we do get a few pennies on that purchase.

But I’m not just telling you about Amazon deals. Let’s check out what else is out there.


Walmart has the SanDisk model for a regular price of $190.47 with free 2-day shipping or store pickup.  You can click here to check that out.


Best Buy has the SanDisk model with Adapter for $199. This has the added advantage of often being available right now at the store where you live.  You can check online to see if it’s at a store near you. Click here to check it out.


I went shopping for the cheapest options on Google and found some priced as low as $35.  Of course, they also misspelled “blazing” when describing the speeds.  But I’d be leery of a deal like that.   I also found a bunch of sellers on eBay with prices ranging from suspiciously low to just about right. You’d have to judge each individual seller by their ratings.