I just bought this neat new Samsung 29″ computer monitor. That inspired me to switch my wallpaper to one of Microsoft’s beautiful themes.  The one I chose is a slideshow with images from the UK.  And boy did it look good.


I thought I’d show you how to select a Windows theme in case you didn’t know.  And also how to make some minor adjustments like I did. I liked one photo better than the others and decided to keep it as my wallpaper. The directions I’m showing are for Windows 7.  To change or add a theme, just right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize from the drop-down menu.


You’ll have a choice between categories like Nature and Architecture. Just click on a theme to check it out.


You can also click get more themes online.  Windows 10 users can find themes in the Windows Store.


You’ll be able to choose from a long list of categories, including Art, Animals, Holidays, and landscapes.


When you find one that looks interesting, just click Download.


When prompted on the download, choose open.  The theme will then be applied and also saved to the My themes section.


When I installed the theme I liked, I found that I actually preferred having only one image on my screen instead of a slideshow. But it’s easy to control the content and the speed of the slideshow.  Just scroll down to Desktop Background and click on it.


You’ll see the images currently alternating in your slideshow.


Since I only wanted the image of Stone Henge, I unchecked the box next to all the other images. You could choose to use two images or just remove one that doesn’t work well as a desktop for you.


As long as you have more than one image, you can control the speed of the slideshow. Change images at speeds ranging from once every 10 seconds to once a day.


You can also control whether images are displayed as tiles or full screen.


Don’t forget to apply your changes.