I told you last week about Firefox Quantum and showed you how to download the Beta version to try out this new browser.  Today we’ll check out its new look.

A lot of people love Firefox and are especially drawn to its privacy policies and the fact that it is open source and not developed by a big company like Chrome or Microsoft.

Here’s a look at the new look.


The first change I noticed is that the Home button has been moved. The tabs are square at the top instead of rounded.  The front, back, and refresh buttons are quite prominent and look a bit like Microsoft Edge.


As we move left, we see the address bar. An address bar gives your location on the Internet.  Security status is to the left of the address and a 3-dot menu button and bookmark star are to the right.


Click the 3-dot icon for a drop-down menu.  First, you’ll see an option to bookmark a site, so you can easily get back to it later. Then to save it to Pocket. Pocket is a notebook app that allows you store articles (as opposed to just the site) in one handy place for reading later.  You’ll also see the option to copy a link or to email the link to the page you’re on to someone.  Click Send tab to device, and you can send it to yourself to open with your Firefox browser on another of your devices like a phone. You can even take a screenshot.


When you click Take a Screenshot, you’ll see this.



Click the arrow to continue to Screenshots. You’ll get a brief tutorial on how it works. You can choose to capture the whole page or just part.


You can download the screenshot or save to the cloud.


You can also save something to Pocket or bookmark a page by clicking the arrow or star icons in the address bar.


Moving on, we’ve got the search box.


Click in the box and type something to get the Change search settings option. to Click on it to choose your preferred search engine or remove the search box and use the address bar for searches. I couldn’t get all of the options to work, but this version is still in the testing phase.


As we move to the right, we’ll see an arrow that shows if you’ve made any recent downloads with Firefox. Next to that is an icon that looks like a stack of books that represents your library.


Click on it to access your bookmarks, history, download history, synced tabs, or your screenshots.


Clicking squareish icon next to it makes sidebars visible.


You’ll see this on the side of your page.  To hide it, just click the icon again.




Finally, you’ll find a menu icon that allows you to access settings, print, zoom in, and more.


Remember, this is a beta test. That means some features may still have bugs and that features could be added or removed.  Try it and let me know what you think.