I know that many of you are brand-new cord cutters and also that many of you who still have cable or satellite have added Netflix to the mix or are thinking about it. Based on my experience as a fairly recent Netflix customer (just a couple of years), let me tell you four things that stand out to me.

  1. No commercials! Not a one. In this case, your money gives you a completely commercial-free viewing experience. That’s not the case with other services like the basic level of Hulu or the CBS All-Access app.
  2. It just keeps going.  If you’re watching episodic shows, the next episode just starts playing while the other one is ending. This can really suck you in and leave you sitting in front of the screen for hours until you realize you’ve watched an entire season.
  3. It makes great suggestions. Netflix makes viewing suggestions based on what you’ve already watched. The longer you watch, the better the suggestions get. Make sure to take advantage of the option to rate programs with a thumbs-up or a thumbs- down. It helps Netflix do a better job of finding programs you might like.
  4. No waiting for the next episode! When the program ‘Longmire” switched from the A & E cable channel to Netflix, I had a friend who was very confused when the rest of us Longmire fans knew what was going to happen for the whole season when the first episode had just premiered. That’s because Netflix released the entire season of the program at once. If it’s a 13-episode season, you get 13 episodes that you can make your way through at your leisure. For some folks that’s in a day or a weekend.

Fellow Netflix users, what do you have to say about the service? What’s the best part? The worst part? And is it worth cutting the cord? Sound off in the comments.