Yesterday we showed you how to remove old contacts in Gmail. A reader commented:

“Great tip for getting rid of contacts in Gmail. Does it work the same way for Yahoo mail? Contacts that keeps popping up as a suggestion when I type the letter “c” in the “To” field, cc and Bcc fields.”

As Yahoo and Gmail are completely different apps, it won’t work exactly the same way. Though the Gmail article might give you an idea how to find those settings in your Yahoo account. The previous Gmail article and this one will deal with how to remove contacts when using the programs’ web interfaces. If you’re using an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook, the process is different.

It’s actually a bit easier in Yahoo. Open your Yahoo inbox and compose an email message.


Type in the first letter of a contact. You’ll see contact suggestions in a drop-down menu.


Hover your mouse over the suggested contact you want to delete. You’ll see an X to the far right. In this case, I’ll be deleting the email address of one of Ohio’s senators.


You’ll see a notice that the suggestion has been permanently removed and an option to undo it if you removed the contact by mistake.


Now, when I type the letter “u,” there’s no longer a suggestion for the Senate. Don’t get too happy, Senator, you’ll still get emails from me!