Virgina’s husband has some email issues.

My husband is using an old version of Outlook with Win 10. He downloaded 10 without telling me and now he is having lots of trouble with the email. His email provider is (which is what I use) but I do not know how to get him set up on that one without losing all of his present emails and contacts. He also has a Gmail account, but he does not like it. Some of his emails just sit in the outbox without ever being sent. He writes lots of emails. This is very frustrating for me and for him because I just work around the problem, but it would be nice to have it fixed. Can he somehow upgrade to LiveMail? or what is the best way for him to be happy with his email. Thank you.

I’m  going to need a bit more information to figure this one out. First, are you sure he’s using Outlook? If so, which version is he using? Any version of Outlook from Outlook 2007 to the current Office Suite should work with Windows 10. If any version of Outlook is having problems, you might want to consider running the Office repair tool.

LiveMail, however, has a number of issues with Windows 10. And I wonder if that might not be the program that he’s running instead of Outlook.


Do any of his emails send successfully? If none of them send, that could indicate a problem with the outgoing settings on the email client.


Has he tried using the Microsoft Mail app that comes included with Windows 10?  If he doesn’t like it, he might try downloading another email client like Thunderbird.  Once you’re sure which email client he’s currently using and have an idea of what you’d like to switch to, I can give you more specific instructions on how to export and import his contacts.