Walter is trying out my instructions to delete old Yahoo email contacts, but he’s got a problem.

“The Yahoo approach does not work for me. I key in a letter in Contacts, 4 or 5 names appear, I hover over the one to be removed, but there is no “x” on the right-hand side.”

When you hover over the far right of the contact, this is what you should see:


Since you aren’t seeing the x option, let’s troubleshoot some possibilities. Make sure you aren’t using Basic view for mail. If you’ve switched to the basic email view, your contacts will look like this and the x won’t be an option.


The basic view doesn’t offer as many options as the standard. To use this tip, you’ll need to switch back to the standard view. It’s as easy as clicking on Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail at the top of your inbox.


After removing the contact, you can switch back to the basic view if you like, by going to Settings.


Click Viewing Email and then choose Basic.


If that’s not the issue, it may have something to do with the browser you’re using. Try clearing the cache or switching to a different browser.  Let me know if any of this helps.