This site uses IBM’s Watson to gain insight into how and why people think, act, and feel the way they do using linguistic analytics and personality theory to infer attributes or personality traits from a person’s unstructured text.

What this site offers are two ways for you to demo the personality insights feature. You can paste in a chunk of free text that you’ve written, or you can have it analyze your twitter profile. It also has samples that you can use to try it out.

Starting with Body of Text, you can choose to use your own text and paste it in, or you can select one of three example texts. They are 2012 Debate – Barack Obama (EN), Reflection – Gandhi (EN), or Michikusa – Natsume (JA). The (EN) or (JA) denotes the language of the text being analyzed. I got started by using the Gandhi piece and clicking analyze. It then creates a personality portrait.

The Personality Portrait offers you a summary, a more likely to/unlikely to analysis, and then a break down of traits.

The second way you can use this is to analyze your twitter profile. I felt okay with linking my twitter for analysis because everything I post is already public and could be gleaned off the web by anyone. I also wanted a sense of what my twitter personality might look like to outside readers/viewers.

To get started, click on Your Twitter Personality, and then click the Analyze my Twitter Personality button. You’ll be redirected to Twitter to authorize the analysis, and then it will generate a personality portrait based on your tweets. If you scroll down past your results you get options to see them displayed in a sunburst, and to see the science behind the service. I recommend checking both out!

What will your writing say about you? Go see for yourself today!