Yesterday we talked how to change default browsers and email clients in Windows 10. You can click here to check that article out. 

I mentioned that you don’t see Gmail offered as a choice for default email because it’s not an email client. But there’s a way to work around that.

First, you’ll need to select Chrome as your preferred mail option.  Chrome must already be installed on your PC. If it’s not, download the latest version and install. Go to the Windows search box, type in Default app settings, and click on the results.


Under Email, click on whatever default is displayed. A pop-up menu will open. Choose Google Chrome.


Then open Chrome. Click the 3-line menu bar and select Settings.


Scroll down to select Advanced.


Then scroll down to Privacy and security and select Content Settings.


Scroll down again and select Handlers. Make sure that the ability for sites to use handlers is turned on.


Now, open Gmail in Chrome and look for the double diamond icon at the right of the address bar.


You’ll see a window that asks you to give permission for Gmail to open all email links. Choose Allow. This will allow you to use Gmail as the default email for anything you open in Chrome.


At least that’s the theory. I found this to be hit and miss when I attempted, though others swear it works just fine.  If it doesn’t work for you, I’d suggest setting up an email client like Mail, Outlook, or Thunderbird with your Gmail address and using that for sending emails.