Is your password on the list of the 100 most commonly-hacked passwords? The folks at Splashdata put out a list of which attempts at security turn up most often on the hacked list.


Not surprisingly there are variations on the old 123456 and password. (password with a 0 instead of an o is still quite popular.)

But you might be surprised to see iLoveYou and StarWars on the list. Qwerty is still very popular for those folks who don’t like to move too far around the keyboard, but so is qazwsx and 1qaz2wsx.

Trustno1 conveys the right sentiment but I wouldn’t trust that no one could figure that one out. Cheese may be my favorite choice.

Names are popular as well with Amanda, Robert, Matthew, Jordan, George, Andrea, Daniel, William, Ashley, Jessica, Hunter, Jennifer, and Maggie making the list.

You can click here to check out all of the hot 100.

The bottom line is that picking a word or a name is always risky. There’s nothing unique under the sun. While previously experts had suggested adding in capital letters and irregular characters, the current advice is to go as long as possible, using a sentence that’s easy for you to remember. (I wouldn’t suggest My Password Is 123456).  Since most passwords are hacked by bots and not by humans, there’s a better chance the bot will just give up after a time.

Of course, your best bet for security is to enable two-factor authentication that requires that the person logging enter a code or answer a security question.