Retrieve a lost license key

Missing an important product key for a program installed on your PC? I’ve got a free download that may be able to help. It’s called License Crawler and it is free for non-commercial use.

You can download a copy by clicking here.

This program works on every version of Windows since Windows 95. The free version does have some ads. If you’d like the ad-free version, it’s yours for $11, so not a bad price even if you pay for it.  I suggest downloading from the Mirror Server option. Some of the other sites have some misleading buttons that could cause you to end up with programs you don’t necessarily want.


Choose Save.


You’ll need to open the file to Unzip it. Just drag it out of the ZIP file.


Open the file and then click to run License Crawler.


Give permission to run.


Then click to start the program.


Here’s what it looks like. Searching is as simple as pressing Search.


You will see an ad at the beginning of the search, but it will only remain up for about 13 seconds.


The program managed to rather quickly find several product keys on my PC.










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