Yesterday I answered a reader’s question by showing you how to sort bookmarks alphabetically in the Chrome browser. Today our series continues with a quick look at how to do it in Microsoft’s two browsers Internet Explorer and Edge.

In these browsers, bookmarks are referred to as favorites. Let’s take a look a how to display them alphabetically in Internet Explorer. Click the star icon at the top right of Internet Explorer.


When the Favorites menu appears, click the drop-down menu next to Add to favorites.


Choose Organize Favorites from the drop-down menu.


By default, IE will add new Favorites to the bottom of the list.


Right-click any of the favorites and choose Sort by name from the menu.


Here’s how to do it in Edge.

Click the star icon for the Hub at the top right.


Click on the star at the left to bring up Favorites.


Right-click on any of the favorites and choose Sort by name from the drop-down menu.