A reader named Andy is having a similar problem to one I encountered this weekend.

“I love reading the newspaper polls and voting, but suddenly, I can’t vote or see the results on my Windows 10 laptop.”

Interestingly enough, I had a very similar problem. Only mine involved not being able to see the necessary buttons to post or comment on Facebook.

The first step is to determine if the issue is your browser. I’d suggest opening another browser and checking to see if you’re able to use polls in that one. (Andy was using Chrome. He tried Edge and found that the polls did work.)  I was using Internet Explorer, so I opened Facebook in Google Chrome. I discovered that Facebook worked fine for me there. So now Andy and I both know that the issue is not the website we’re trying to access and not a problem with our respective PCs.

In this case, clearing the cache ought to do the trick. For Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + Del.  The Clear browser data window will open. Tick the box next to Cached images and then click Clear.


For Internet Explorer, press the same Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys. Choose to clear the temporary Internet files. Then hit Delete.


If this doesn’t help, it could be that a necessary plug-in to operate the poll doesn’t work with your browser. You could try updating or switch to using another browser.