This week we’ve been looking at how to alphabetize your bookmarks in various popular browsers. And I’ve decided to save the worst for last. It’s a fairly simple process in all of the other browsers we covered this week. To my estimation, Safari is downright hateful about it.

To learn about the process in other browsers:

Click here for Chrome.

Here for IE & Edge

Here for Firefox.

Honestly, I don’t suggest bothering with this. If alphabetical bookmarks matter to you, switch to Chrome or Firefox. But if you absolutely want to do this with Safari, here’s how. For Start by opening the browser and clicking Bookmarks at the top. Make sure Show Bookmarks is selected. Choose Edit Bookmarks.


Create and name a new folder for your bookmarks.


With both the Edit bookmarks window and the window for the Finder open, drag a copy of that new folder over into the finder.


Now select all of your bookmarks in the bookmarks editor and drag copies of them into that folder in the finder.


Open the copied filed and sort the bookmarks by clicking on Name.


Select all of those bookmarks and then drag them back into the empty folder you created under your bookmarks list. I’ve read instructions saying you can just drag the whole file, but it did not work for me.


Now you have a file of alphabetized bookmarks.  And, if you are like me, a headache.