A reader asked a question about rotating video that made me laugh aloud. Coming from a TV news background, I can tell you that vertical smartphone video is the bane of editors’ existence. Vertical is fine for Instagram, but for anything else, please shoot horizontally.

To the reader’s question:

“How can I rotate a video?? Most of the video software that I have won’t let me do it.”

Rotating video is a far more complicated task that rotating a still picture because of the amount of data involved. While more expensive video editing programs offer the feature, it’s probably not worth the extra expense to upgrade if it’s only something you do occasionally. Frankly, in TV,  sometimes we just resorted to shooting video playing on a monitor with another camera.

I did find a free program that promises to help you rotate videos called Free Video Flip and Rotate.  You can click here to check it out.

The software works with all current versions of Windows. Click the big Download button to begin the download.


You can either run the program or download and run later from your downloads file. You’ll have to give permission to begin the installation. Select the language.


Then follow the instructions of the installation wizard.


The program will open.


Click File and select Add file.


Once the video is loaded, you’ll have multiple options.


At the bottom, you’ll find buttons that allow you to do the following:

  • Rotate left 90 degrees
  • Rotate left 180 degrees
  • Rotate right 90 degrees
  • Flip vertically
  • Flip horizontally
  • Flip left to right
  • flip right to left


Your original video is on the left, the rotated is on the right.


Choose the output format and save the video.


Press Continue to begin the conversion.


The finished product will be saved in your video library.


You now have a rotated video.


There’s also a Premium version of the program available with additional features.