I had the opportunity to offer some tech help while dropping off some much-deserved Mother’s Day roses to my wonderful mother-in-law. She’d taken some photos that she was trying to send to us via a message using FB in a browser, but she couldn’t get them to send. Fortunately, I was able to figure out what the hitch was. It all had to do with choosing the correct icon.

Here’s how to do it. Open Messages and select new message.


This window will open.


At the bottom, you’ll see an icon for a camera. Your first instinct might tell you to click here. A camera used to frequently be the icon that represented adding a photo.


In this case, the camera is actually the icon for taking a new picture or video and sending it via message. If you want to select an existing image, choose the icon on the far left that looks like a photo. But don’t confuse it with the smiling square. That’s for sending stickers.


Select your photo from a file. Choose Open.


And it will appear in the message.