Trish is having problems adjusting to a new browser. Let’s try to help her out.

“I just switched to Firefox, as Internet Explorer wasn’t working right – kept losing the site and had to restore multiple times. I am confused as to how to print a page I want to save from Firefox. I was using PDF Creator with much success with IE, but with Firefox I’m stumped as to where the page I want saved gets saved. Must be doing it wrong. Went back to IE out of frustration. Do not like change one bit.”

Basic printing from Firefox is very straight-forward. You can select the print icon on an article you wish to print (here’s an example from Cyn’s Tech Tips)


Or you can click the three-line menu icon and choose Print from the drop-down menu.


You’ll see options like shrinking the page to fit your paper or remove images for easier printing.


If you want to use PDF Creator with Firefox, make sure you click the three-line menu bar and choose Add-ons from the drop-down menu.


Search for PDF Creator.


Then add to Firefox.


Once installed, you’ll have an icon that allows you to save a page as a PDF up at the top of the browser.


Here’s what the screen for PDF creator looks like.


To save the PDF, you’ll need to click the download button at the upper right.


Choose to save the file. If you don’t choose the save option, you won’t save a copy to your PC.


The PDF will be saved to your Downloads folder. You can move it anywhere you like.