A reader thinks something fishy is going on.

“I have a Belken router. When I called about updates, they asked for a fee, which seemed unusual. My gut was telling me not to jump on the update until I checked the validity of the fee. Does this sound correct/legitimate?”

It does not sound correct to me. You can download firmware updates for your router from Belkin’s site for free. Just click this link: http://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=4971 and then scroll down to look for your model of router.


Belkin also offers instructional videos that explain how to update your router’s firmware. Here’s a link to a video on Belkin’s official site that shows how to update the firmware:


I’m curious. Where did you get the number to call for the update? Was it in your router manual or affixed to a sticker on the router itself? If you looked it up online, it’s possible that you were re-routed to another site. For example, a search for Belkin support number returned these listings.



Only the top result is legitimate. And it doesn’t even have a phone number listed. Everything else is a site designed to rope you in. The screenshot below sure looks like it could be the official Belkin tech support site. But it’s not.


The site even features articles on how to troubleshoot Belkin products. (Not very helpful or well-written articles, mind you.)  At the very bottom of the page, you’ll see a disclaimer that states they are in no way affiliated with Belkin.


It’s possible that you called the correct Belkin number and someone attempted to upsell you a service for having a tech install it for you. But that’s just not necessary. It’s simple enough to apply firmware updates yourself using the manufacturer’s instructions.

Good on you for being savvy enough to spot that this was something fishy.