Last week, I showed you how to send group email messages using two popular email clients. (Click here to read how to send a group message from the Windows Mail app and here to learn how to send a group message using Outlook in MS Office.)

A group email allows you to type the email once and send it to multiple people. A good use for a group might be coworkers, members of a book club, or family members.

Today, I’ll show you how to do it using the popular Outlook online in a browser. If your email address ends in,,, or and you access it by opening a web browser,  these instructions will work for you.

First, you’ll need to go online to your inbox, which should look like this:


Click the square of squares at the top left and then choose People.


When People opens, click the drop-down arrow next to New contact and choose New contact list.



The New contact list window will open. Start by naming the list.


You can also add a description of the list.


Start typing in the Add contacts window to see a list of your contacts.


Just click on a contact to add it to the list.


Or type in a new address and click Add.



When you’ve added all the names, just click Create.


When you create a new email, click the  To: and look for Book Club in your contacts or just start typing Book Club.


The message will be sent to every member of your group.