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Karen is getting frustrated by that tiny little Facebook chat box in her browser:

“I am so frustrated trying to get a full screen for Facebook Messenger. Internet help says to click the “gear” and choose full screen. Another site says to click full conversation. I never have any of those options. Please just tell me what to do to have a full screen to chat with my friend. The little chat box at the bottom of Facebook is too small for my 72- yr-old eyes!”

Let’s see if I can help. Start by opening Facebook in your browser. Click the message icon at the top-right of the page.



Then choose See All in Messenger at the bottom of the menu that appears.



While the chat window doesn’t take up the full screen, it’s a good half of the screen and quite larger than that little chat box.


To find a friend, you can type their name at the left.


Just type your conversation in the center box and hit Send to send the message.


To go back to your Facebook feed, just click Home at the top right.


5 thoughts on “View Facebook Chat Full-Screen

  1. First off the messenger icon is on my top left on the screen, not the right. Next I don’t get the “Send All In Messenger or Mark All As Read. Should I just dump the old messenger and start over?

  2. Thank you CYNMACKLEY. I have no idea how the phrase “see all in messenger”” means “go to the full-screen version of messenger like they USED to have”. But it WORKS, and I would never have found it without your great explanation. Thanks very much!!

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