Here’s a nifty Windows 10 tip that can take care of a lot of annoying PC issues. What kinds of issues? Slow performance, problems searching, issues with printers and Internet connections, and more! Yesterday, I showed you how to to it with Windows 7. (click here to read that tip)  The process is slightly different in Windows 10.  Start by typing Troubleshoot in the search box and click on the result.


The Troubleshoot window will open.  At the top, you’ll see a list of common PC problems such as Internet Connections, Audio, Printers, and Windows Updates.


Below that, you’ll see an alphabetical list of even more issues starting with the dreaded Blue Screen of Death and including Hardware, Keyboards, and Network Adapters.


Keep scrolling for help with Compatibility issues with older programs and problems with Searching and Indexing, Video Playback, and more.


Click on an option and you’ll get the option to run the troubleshooter.


Let’s look at what happens when I run the Troubleshooter for Search and Indexing. I get a menu where I can specify what types of problems I’m having with the process. Your options will be a bit different depending on what you’re having issues with but the process is still simple and straightforward.


After running the troubleshooter, you may see a list of options for steps you can take to help. Below are some suggestions for programs to disable at startup offered by the Performance troubleshooter.


I can’t guarantee that Troubleshooter will always find a solution, but it can be a big help.