Where’s my screen saver?

A reader is on the hunt for a missing screen saver:

“I have a screen saver that comes on after 10 minutes – that is, I did. All of a sudden, when I go back to my computer after having left it for maybe 10 minutes or more, the screen is black – no screen saver in sight. I can’t be sure if, by mistake, I changed something causing this problem. I have Windows 7 Home Premium.”

Let’s take a look at how to get that screensaver back. Type Change screen saver into your search box and click on the result.


The Screen Saver Settings window will open. You’ll probably see that yours is set to either none or blank.


Click the drop-down menu and you’ll see several options. You can use text that you select, the included screensavers for Windows or choose your own images. To use your own pictures, select Photos. If it’s already set to Photos and your images aren’t showing, it’s possible they’ve been deleted or moved to another folder.


Once you select Photos, you’ll have to pick which images you’d like to see.  The default will be to show everything in your Pictures library.  You can select the speed of your slideshow or choose shuffle the images in random order. If you had the images you wanted to show set aside in another folder, click Browse.


Then select the folder you wish to use.


Under Screen Saver Settings, you can also decide how quickly the screen saver will come on when your PC is inactive and whether you’ll need to log on again when the screensaver turns on.


Click OK when you’re satisfied with the settings.











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