Word alternative for Mac

A reader asked for an alternative to an Office 365 subscription for Outlook and Word for his Mac. I suggested Outlook replacements yesterday. (You can click here to read that tip.)

Today, we’ll look at free Word alternatives. For my first suggestion, look no further than the App Store on your Mac. Click the App Store icon to open.


Search for Pages and click on the result.


Then click on Get to download.


It will take a minute or two to download and install.


When you open Pages, the layout shouldn’t seem too different to a Word user.


Choose from a variety of templates for everything from letters to stationery or start with a blank document.


To the right, you’ll find options for style, layout, and more.


You could also consider the free LibreOffice Suite for Mac. We’ve discussed it before and the Mac version is every bit as good as the Windows. You can click here to learn more about that. 


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