Super-charge your phone’s performance

Yesterday I showed you how to extend the battery life of your Android phone by up to almost a full day using the Device maintenance settings. (You can click here to read that article:

Today, we’ll check out other ways to improve your phone’s performance. I’m demonstrating using my Galaxy S8 phone, so yours could be a little different.

Start by opening Settings and choosing Device Maintenance.


This screen will open. Since we already addressed the battery life in yesterday’s article, we’ll explore your other options.


First, let’s tap on Performance mode.


The default mode is Optimized which attempts to balance battery life and performance. But you have three other options.


If you’re a big gamer, Game mode will give you a brighter screen and adjust your resolution, and place all of your games in Game Launcher for better organization.


If you use your phone to watch a lot of videos or listen to music, Entertainment mode will increase the screen brightness, give you maximum display resolution and also enhance the quality of both video and audio. This will use more battery power.


If you want the best display your device has to offer, choose High performance mode. Again, this will consume more battery power.


If you use your phone for watching Netflix or other streaming services you’ll likely see a noticeable improvement. We’ll continue our look at Device Maintenance tomorrow by checking out Storage and Memory.



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  1. I been doing that and cleaning memory as well Saved 25Gb space thought the year
    I check the downloaded files and get rid of unwanted one Happy with Galaxy s8 aldough I would like if it was a bit larger

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