Clear PC space automatically


There’s a great feature in Windows 10 that can automatically clear out files you don’t need. It’s called Storage Sense. If you activate this feature Windows will clear out the temporary files you don’t need and automatically empty anything in the Recycle Bin that’s more than 30 days old. Let’s look at how to turn it on.

Open your Start Menu and type Storage in the search box. Then click on the result.


Or click on the Settings icon.


Then choose System.


And, finally Storage.


Slide that little button under Storage sense to the On position. You can customize how Storage sense works by clicking Change how we free up space automatically, just under the On/Off button.


Choose to run Storage sense when Windows decides or click the drop-down arrow next to that option for more choices.


Then choose between clearing up files daily, weekly, or monthly.


Even if you don’t choose to turn on Storage sense, you can choose how your PC handles Temporary files.


Put a check next to Delete temporary files and you can choose to remove files apps no longer need. You can also automatically delete files in your recycle bin if they’ve been there for a day, two weeks, one month, or two months.


Or decide to clear items from your Downloads folder after a certain period of time. Be careful with that setting. Make sure you’re vigilant about moving things you’ll need for later somewhere else.


You can also choose to clean your PC right now.







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