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Jean noticed something different in an email today:

“I noticed something today when opening an email. A news subscription. Before opening, I scrolled down where it shows details, like email of the news sender. Without saying the actual source, it showed where their emblem would be, except in its place it was an icon square that was like landscape design. I suspect that it’s something in the settings of Gmail? I checked that but I didn’t see anything obvious that would change that happening. The icon that showed is similar to the emails that are marked as spam in Yahoo mail. I hope I’m creating a good description of this “problem”. Except it really isn’t a problem other than I have a lot of curiosity when I observe something changed. I go on a search and discover trip to solve my curiosity to why something is.”

That landscape icon is something that represents a missing image in an email. In this case, the logo for the sender of your news email.


If you’re viewing your Gmail message online with a browser, here’s how to bring them back. Go to your Gmail inbox and click on the gear icon at the right. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Under the General tab, choose Images.


Tick the box next to Always display external images.


This should take care of the issue. But it’s also possible there might be some type of problem with the image itself that’s causing it not to display properly.


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