How can I change my FB info?

A reader wants to minimize the amount of information displayed on Facebook:

“I will make a decision by the end of the month whether to delete my FB account. It’s primary usefulness is group activity or medical associations. Is there a way to delete all posts from my account? I’ve not used it often, however what is the least amount of info I can leave and be able to join organizations?
Also, I can’t delete info about me, such as my birthday. It’s locked. I simply want to delete it from my account.”

You can certainly delete all of your past posts but it might be easier just to make them invisible if you’d like to keep the account as a convenience. And you can change your birthday information or simply make it invisible.

Let’s start by opening your Facebook account. Click on your name.


When your profile page opens, click on About.


Bring your mouse to hover just below your birthday.


You’ll see the option to edit the information.


Scroll down to Basic Information and hover to the far right of Birthday. Click on the Edit option when it appears.


Users can either change their birthday if it’s entered incorrectly. (You can only do this a limited number of times.) Or click the little drop-down arrow at the right.


Select Only Me. Now, only you will be able to see your birthdate on Facebook. Facebook does require a birthday in order to determine your age but with this setting, no one else can see it.  And truthfully, a lot of folks do not use their real birthday with Facebook.


Make sure to click on Save Changes. I’ll get more into super-private Facebook settings later in the week.


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  1. Thanks for this. I’m sharing it on Facebook in addition to your sharing…though I don’t see very many of your posts. This will help a lot of people who are too lazy to take the time to learn for themselves. 🙄😁

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