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I’ve been looking at different sites that allow you to make custom maps in order to find a good solution to track my travel to the different campuses of Penn State University.

At the free level on Scribble Maps you get up to five maps, all of the basic tools, the ability to save images, and share maps with friends.

To get started click the Create Your Map Now button, and then close out of the premium pop up! You can then start interacting with the map. In the top left corner of the page you’ll find the tool tray that allows you to add map pins, text, draw shapes, and search for locations.

I started by searching for Penn State and was able to pick a campus to start with (for example Penn State Altoona) and then I could drop a map pin on it. For campuses I’ve already visited I marked them with blue map pins, and for the campuses I haven’t visited yet, I was able to mark them with green map pins.

It was very easy to map out the all the information I wanted and then click the menu button and choose how I wanted to save or share my map.

This a neat tool, go try it for yourself today!

~ Amanda

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