The Accuweather app is one of the most popular weather apps around. One of the convenient features it the ability to show the weather in different locations. I always keep an eye on the weather in my hometown in addition to the weather in my neck of the woods.

Navigating between locations is as simple as swiping the arrows next to the temperature.


To add or remove a location, just tap on the magnifying glass icon next to Locations at the top of the screen.


Type in the name of the location you want to add. If there’s more than one location with that name, make sure to choose the correct one.


The map will make it easier to see if you’re in the right location. Then tap on Add.


Deleting locations is pretty easy, too. Just tap on Locations. All of your locations should be displayed.


Press and hold on the location you want to delete until a blue checkmark appears next to it.


Then tap Delete at the top.