10 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Winter doesn’t have to mean staying cooped up indoors for kids, instead, it can mean a lot of fun time spent doing activities outside. 

This two-page article offers up tips for preparing your kids to play outside in the winter and then offers up 1o fun activities they can do outside. 

Navigation is really easy, just scroll down the page and read everything and then click the 2 button to head on over to the next page. The first page contains 4 tips for preparing your kids to play outside in chilly temperatures and 5 of the ten activities. Page two has the other 5 activities. 

I think my favorites were blowing bubbles, geocaching, and hiking. I never knew that you could blow bubbles outside in the winter and watch them turn into ice. I might have to try that with some of the catnip bubbles we have stocked for our kitties.

I also like the geocaching and hiking idea because the geocaching (where you go on a scavenger hunt to find things that people have left places with clues) is a great reason to go hiking!  I would have been all over that as a kid! 

So if you have kids you might want to check this site out for those times this winter when they claim they’re soooo bored! 



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