The Cleveland Museum of Art

In exciting news, the Cleveland Museum of Art announced that it would be an Open Access institution at the end of January. What this means for all of us is that roughly 30,000 images of art from their collection are now available online for the public to share, use, and remix.

I’m linking you directly to the open access artwork. When you arrive at the site, they waste no time in getting you directly to the collection. Just scroll down the page to start looking through the pieces they’re sharing openly.

You can search these pieces using the search field near the top of the page, just be sure to keep the Open Access box checked. For example, if you search Dog, the site returns over 200 pieces of art – but that’s far easier to search than just scrolling through those 30,000 images. You’ll find an assortment of paintings, sculptures, art books, and more.

Go check out all this incredible art for yourself today!


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