Unsend FB Message

There’s a new feature for Facebook Messenger you’ll want to check out. It works both with a browser on your computer and with the Facebook Messenger app on your phone.

You now have a ten-minute window after sending a message to permanently remove it. If you’ve sent a message to the wrong person by mistake or regret what you’ve said, there’s now a small window in which to remove the message. Let’s see how it works.

Click on or tap lightly on the message.


You’ll get options to react at the top and to copy, forward, and remove at the bottom. Tap on Remove.


If the message was sent within the previous 10 minutes, you’ll get an option to remove just for you or to remove for everyone that’s part of the message. Choose Remove for Everyone if you don’t want anyone else to read the message.


Confirm that you want to remove the message.


Other people involved in the message will be able to see that it was removed. And it’s also possible someone could screenshot the message before you remove it. So there’s no absolute guarantee that the message won’t be seen.


You can also remove messages older than ten minutes. That won’t remove them from everyone’s messages, but it can clear up your messenger window if it’s cluttered with things you don’t need. If a message is older than the ten-minute mark, you’ll only see the option to Remove for you.


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