Social Security scam targets seniors

There’s a scary new Social Security scam making the rounds and the government is warning everyone to be on the lookout for these fakers.

These creeps use a technique called ‘spoofing.’ Spoofing in when you impersonate an email address, phone number, or use someone’s name on a social platform like Facebook.

In this case, they spoof the actual customer service number for the Social Security Administration. 1-800-772-1213 will display on your caller ID, but that’s not who the call is actually from.

The fakers will than say that you’re in big trouble because your SSN has been used in connection with illegal activity. It then warns that unless you call the number they give immediately you face arrest, imprisonment, or a large fine.

If you do call back, these scammers will get your private information and, in some cases, may even demand that you pay some type of penalty to stay out of prison.

This is a complete scam. The Social Security Administration does not call people up and threaten them with jail time. You aren’t going to go to jail if someone has stolen your SSN and used it for some nefarious purpose.

These creeps are counting on that fear response we’ve discussed before. They want the adrenaline to override your common sense. Don’t let these criminals fool you. Also, make sure to warn anyone you think might be vulnerable to this trick to watch out.

Phones aren’t the only method of attack, this scam also sometimes arrives via an official-looking email. Stay vigilant.

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