21 Incredibly Important Diagrams To Help You Get Through Life

Normally I wouldn’t just bring you an old BuzzFeed article, but I found this on BuzzFeed DIY and thought that this collection of info-graphic diagrams would be quite helpful to share with you all. I mean if I’m book marking it for later use, you might too!

Navigation is easy, really easy, just scroll down through the diagrams.

You’ll find diagrams for how to make the perfect cup of tea, how to tie a scarf, how to set a table, how to pick a perfectly ripe avocado, how to tip correctly, how to tie the perfect bow (heavens to Betsy, I needed that one!), how to convert measurements for cooking,  and that’s just a handful of the ones that caught my eye.  There are twenty-one in all. 

See something you find really useful? Well then bookmark the site for later use. Don’t want it all? You could save only the diagram you want by right clicking on the diagram, selecting copy image URL and then pasting that URL in a new tab and then bookmarking just that page. Or if you like to pin things to  Pinterest you could copy the URL and create a pin!   



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