Free books for Nook

If you own a Nook eReader or have a tablet or a phone with the Nook app installed, here’s a great shortcut to finding free books to check out on your eReader.

If you have a PC,  phone or tablet and don’t have the Nook app installed, you can get it by going to the app store for your device and searching for Nook.  The app is free to download and install.


Once that app is installed, you can use it to read and purchase eBooks from Barnes and Noble’s Nook store. (Note: the one device you can’t install the Nook app on is a Kindle tablet.

There is normally a large variety of free eBooks available. Some books are free because they were never copyrighted or the copyrights have expired. Others are offered free by authors to get you interested in their other work. Some of the books are great, others are just… meh. Here’s a quick shortcut to finding out what’s available.


You can sort the books by categories like Fiction, Kids, Mystery, Romance, Science Ficiton, and more. You can choose to sort by bestsellers, publication date, or browse alphabetically.


Once you create a Nook account, you can download with one tap.

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The selection of books will vary from day to day. A book may be free one day but not the next. If you see something you like, go ahead and download it.




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