So, the interesting thing about timers in my house is that they tend to go missing. We had a traditional egg timer, and our cats decided it was their toy and stole it. Who knows where it is now! Then we had a digital timer and that too has disappeared.

The problem with this is, I really need  a timer when I’m dying yarn. The yarn has to soak for so long before it can be dyed, then it has to sit in the dye for a certain amount of time, cool for a bit and then get rinsed. Well, when my roommate and I dyed yarn this past weekend, guess what was nowhere to be found? That’s right, the timer. 

So I quickly boot up my laptop and did a timer search! And I found this simple timer site that I love! It’s called Timer and it is so easy to use. 

When you arrive at the site all you have to do is input the amount of time you want your timer to go for. (You can do this simply by deleting the numeral five and inserting the numerals you want. For example, delete 5 and type in 20.) Then click the Go button. 

Your browser will then become an egg timer! I love that it is large enough that I can see it across the room and know exactly how much more time I have to putz around before my next task. 

So if you need a timer, check this one out!