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Silk is an incredible, interactive artwork. It is also incredibly relaxing. All you have to do to use it is click and drag your mouse to make beautiful designs. 

When you arrive at the site, you’re greeted by the instruction to Draw something.


Just click on the screen to get started. Click and drag your mouse around and your design will begin to take shape.


As you move around the design will become more complicated.


Click the control icon at the top left to see options for customizing your image.


You can change the colors, control the symmetry of your design, and blend colors. Nothing complicated, just click and drag.


Here’s an image where I changed the colors, dragged the blending control and chose to spiral instead of mirror the image. It reminds me of playing with a Spirograph as a kid.


Once you’re done creating your artwork by clicking and dragging, you can share it by clicking the Share button at the top of the page. It opens a drop down menu that offers you a way to share your art via Facebook or Twitter, as well as a link to it. You could also choose to just save the image to your device. You could even choose to use it as a desktop background if you really like it. Just click the camera icon.


Unhappy with how your artwork is turning out? Just click the New button to clean your screen off and start over. Follow the link below to give this fun site a try.


If you’d like to use silk on your iPhone or iPad, go to the app store and look for the Silk app. While using it online is free, if you want the app, you’ll pay $2.99.


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