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I always enjoy it when I can bring you fantastic free software and Scribus is no exception. I came across it when I needed to edit some PDFs but didn’t want to pay for a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud in order to use InDesign.

A one-year subscription to InDesign runs $240 – that’s just for one year! Scribus in an Open Source program that’s absolutely free to download to your PC, Mac, or Linux computer. No subscription required!


So what does Scribus do?  It helps you design layout and typesetting to create print-ready PDFS for books, manuals, newspaper, newsletters, and magazines and for eBooks and eMagazines.


Scribus also has vector drawing tools and ability to emulate color blindness so you can preview what your document might look like to someone who can’t see the full range of colors.  This is not a super-simple program for beginners, but if you have previous experience with programs like InDesign or you think you’d like the challenge of learning a new skill, this a great program to try.

There’s an extensive online knowledge base to help you get started at this link:

There’s even a portable version that you can install on a removable drive and take with you to use on other computers.

To download Scribus, click here.

I’ll walk you through the process of downloading and installing tomorrow.


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