If you find keeping track of where you are on the screen in Windows 10 to be a challenge, I’ve got some simple adjustments that can make it easier to follow the pointer and cursor.

We’ll start by clicking on Settings in the Start Menu.


Then choose Ease of access.

ease of access

In the left column, choose Cursor and pointer size.


Drag the handle under Chang cursor thickness to adjust the size of the cursor.


The box to the left will update and shoe the actual display size of the cursor.


To change the size of the pointer, just click on the box displaying the size you prefer.


You can also choose to have the pointer display in white or black, or switch color depending on what type of background you’re hovering over.


For easier use of touchscreens, make sure that visual feedback is turned on. Ticking the box next to Make visual feedback for touch points darker and larger will make it even easier to see where you’re moving on a touch screen.