A reader is interested in trying out the new Dark Mode for Windows 10, but has a question:
“A question for you, Cyn, about getting that “Dark Mode” in Windows. I would dearly love to do that here and my eyes would too, but I share this computer with my son-in-law who prefers the whiteness. He has his section and I have mine, we each have separate passwords. If I were to go to the Dark Mode, would that also affect his pages?”
I like the look of the new Dark Mode as well. You can learn more about it by clicking here.
The good news is that if you have separate user accounts for each of you on the PC, the appearance of his account won’t be affected at all by your choosing Dark Mode.
That’s the great advantage of having a different user account for each person using the PC.  In addition to Dark Mode, if one of you needed a larger size for text or preferred a different lineup of shortcuts on the taskbar, the other person’s settings would not be affected.