Facebook is adding a feature to pages that can help prevent fraud and tell you more about the pages you’re visiting. It’s called Page Transparency.

It can help you identify fraud or figure out why you’re seeing information about a page. Here’s how it works. If you’re using a browser, you can scroll down the page and look on the right. On the mobile app, it’s near the top of the page.




Click on See More and the window below will open.


Page history will show you when the page was created and whether or not the page has changed names. That matters because scammers sometimes create pages under one name, such as a giveaway to get people to follow the page and then switch it later to their true intentions. Changing a page name doesn’t necessarily mean something’s up. Store change names. But if you see a big change from say an RV giveaway to a diet plan, you’ll know something’s up. The creation date is handy, too.


For example, here’s a scam claiming to give away free pizzas.


But, if you head to the page for this post and check the page transparency, you learn that the page was just created a day or so before the post appeared. It’s unlikely that a major pizza chain is just getting around to creating a Facebook page.



You’ll also be able to see if the page is running any ads and view those ads.


You can also find out where the page is managed from.


These are very handy tools for helping you sort real pages from fakers.