Function keys not working

A reader needs help with her keyboard:

“I have a small problem. I cannot figure out how to get the “F” keys to work. None of the ones on this keyboard work. Can you please advise me on how to get them to work. I am using windows 10. I was wondering if I have to get a new keyboard. I use a Desktop computer.”

Let’s start by hitting the Num Lock key to see if that’s causing the problem.  Some keyboards also have a function lock key that’s pretty easy to tap.

num and funciton lock.jpg

If that doesn’t solve the problem, check the USB connection or batteries for your keyboard.  You might also want to try checking for updates for your keyboard’s software.

Disconnecting the keyboard and just turning it upside down to give it a few gentle taps to knock out any crumbs or dust might help. A good blast with canned air it an even better solution.  If none of this helps it might be time for a new keyboard.

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