NoScript offers unique protection

There’s a free extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers that can protect you from a lot of online threats. Malicious sites attack your PC with executable content like JavaScript, Flash, and Java.

NoScript only allows that type of content to run when it comes from sites you already trust like your bank



NoScript is highly regarded among security experts and it couldn’t be easier to install.

If you’re using the Chrome browser, you can click here to check it out in the Chrome web store.

Then just click Add to Chrome to Install.



To add to Firefox, click here.


Once you add it, you’ll have to confirm permissions.


The NoScript icon will appear at the top of your browser.


Click it and you’ll be able to see what types of scripts are blocked. The default setting is to block scripts. You have the option for making a site temporarily trusted, trusted, or untrusted.


Just click on the appropriate icon to change the designation.


This a very powerful tool for protecting your PC.

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