Here’s a great website and app for folks who want to take control of their meal planning. Whether that’s due to health or budget concerns, or you’re just looking for something new and exciting to eat.  I first heard about Mealime from a young friend of mine.

I’m a fan of meal-planning. It’s the best way to save money and to avoid feeling so overwhelmed you just decide to pick up some fast food.

This site helps you plan meals according to your dietary needs. It’s a great way to find new recipes and to take some of the stress out of your week.

Let’s check out how it works.  First, you head to the website:


If you like, you can just browse the delicious looking meals on the landing page.


Or you can filter the selections.


Sort the recipes by Classic menus or by low carb, Keto, Paleo, vegetarian, pescetarian, or vegan.


You can filter further by dietary restrictions such as shellfish-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, and dairy-free,


Each recipe shows you the prep-time and offers you the choice between U.S. or metric measurements and 2 or 4 servings.


You’ll be able to see a list of needed cookware, a grocery list, and step-by-step instructions for making the recipe.


I’ve already found some great ideas here.  There’s also an app available for Android and iPhone that has even more features. I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.


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