Code Jumper

The folks at Microsoft are behind a new program to help teach coding to kids who are blind and visually impaired.

The idea started when one of the company’s computer scientists was looking into options to teach technology to her son, who is blind. She wasn’t impressed with the tech available for blind children.

The result is a series of colored plastic pots interconnected with wires and featuring adjustable knobs. What these devices do is give visually impaired kids the ability to practice block coding, which is the most basic way to get started with coding.

The researchers found that visually impaired kids were sometimes nervous about getting started with coding out of fear they might hit the wrong button on the computer or accidentally damage the machine.

The devices were tested in classrooms across the UK and the students loved them. You can click this link to see a video about how it works.


Following that success, Microsoft plans to transfer the technology to  American Printing House for the Blind.  This non-profit offers service and products that assist the blind.

To learn more about Code Jumper and how to get on the waiting list for the devices when they hit the market, follow this link.


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