Windows Activity History

A reader wanted to offer a warning about Windows 10 privacy:

“Please alert readers that in Privacy, activity history the default is that Microsoft is allowed to collect users activities on the computer!”

While the default setting for Activity History is the on position, the default setting for sharing that information with Microsoft is off (at least it was on my latest PC). But let’s look at activity history and how to control what is saved and what is shared.

To view the settings for Activity History, open Settings.


Then choose Privacy.


Select Activity History.


When Activity History is turned all you’ll be able to do things like view your recently visited websites and recently used apps. This is especially helpful if you use the Windows Timeline Click here to read an article about how Timeline works.


Your activity history will only be sent to Microsoft if you have that checked under Activity History.  If you have more than one account on your device, you can control which accounts you store activity history for. You can also clear any data that’s stored on your device.


I’ll have more on how you can manage the information the Microsoft keeps about you tomorrow.

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