Bees are extremely important to our ecosystem. They provide essential pollination traveling up to several kilometers to gather nectar and pollen. This tool, Beescape, provides insight for beekeepers, gardeners, growers, land managers, and bee enthusiasts (like myself) to assess the quality of the landscape to support both managed honeybees and wild bees.

Learn how to use the site with the Beescape Quick Start video, and read our Methodology page to learn what your scores mean. The tool also allows users to select a specific location and get information about the floral resources, insecticides, and nesting habitats in that area.

Once you check out those resources, you can begin by clicking the Get Started button to load the tool. Then you can input a location (the mapped areas are Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois) and take a look for the scores.

This is a really cool project that looks at bee habitats! Check it out today!

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